Before Sale Service

Our service principle for customer: Solve the Problems encountered in the project; Urgent customer needs, and to customers what they want . the main service are:
1. Chemical and physical analysis for the brick making materials , then know adaptability of raw materials, and give some advice of proportions of raw materials.
2. Project investments estimate
3. Design of technical process for brick factory
4. Turnkey Project
5. The old line reform plan
6. Others requirement. 

In-Sale Service

This is critical period for the project, supply the following service according the project conditions:

1.Sending our excellent engineer direct the installation and debugging on the spot.

2.Supply the training service for workers in the brick factory

3.Assisting others problems in the project.

After Sale Service

Good after sale service is the important guarantee for the successful production and economic benefits, so we supply the timely ,thoughtful , impeccable after sale

service for new and old customers. The main service:

1.Offering 24 hours free service telephone answering, always accept customer consultation.

2.Resolve the problems encountered in the production process, and try our best reduce production loss.

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